Microsoft’s reliance on automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to curate news on its homepage, including bizarre and false stories, is raising concerns. Formerly staffed by over 800 human editors, the shift has prompted questions about responsible AI use and its impact on the journalism industry.

Bull Spotlight

  • Cutting-edge AI technology: Microsoft’s early investment in OpenAI places it at the forefront of the AI revolution.
  • Massive readership: Microsoft’s homepage, including and Microsoft Start, attracts millions, offering a vast audience for news consumption.
  • Strategic partnerships: Licensing agreements with major news organizations, like The Guardian and CNN, enhance content variety and maintain a global perspective.

Bear Spotlight

  • Automation pitfalls: Microsoft’s shift from human editors to AI-driven curation has led to the amplification of false and bizarre stories, impacting the platform’s credibility.
  • Reputation damage: The AI-generated poll accompanying a serious news article from The Guardian drew criticism, reflecting poorly on Microsoft’s commitment to responsible AI use.
  • Lack of transparency: Microsoft’s refusal to disclose the extent of human editorial involvement raises questions about accountability and the quality of news dissemination.

Microsoft’s foray into AI-driven news curation demands scrutiny. The recent missteps, including the controversial AI poll, highlight the need for responsible implementation. Balancing automation with human oversight is crucial to maintaining journalistic integrity and reader trust.


Q: How has Microsoft’s transition to AI affected the quality of news on its homepage?
A: Microsoft’s move to AI-led curation has resulted in the amplification of false and sensational stories, impacting the platform’s reliability.

Q: What steps is Microsoft taking to address the recent issues?
A: Microsoft acknowledges the inappropriate content and is disabling news article polls, pledging to investigate the cause and prevent future errors.

Q: What are the broader implications for the journalism industry?
A: Microsoft’s AI missteps highlight the challenges and risks associated with adopting AI in news curation, urging the industry to reevaluate the responsible use of technology.


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