EU regulators have accused Apple of violating the Digital Markets Act by restricting app developers from directing users to cheaper services. This investigation, part of broader scrutiny on Big Tech, could result in substantial fines for Apple if found guilty.

Highlights :

  • The European Commission accuses Apple of restricting app developers from steering users to alternative services, violating the Digital Markets Act (DMA).
  • Preliminary findings suggest Apple’s App Store rules prevent developers from freely communicating offers through their preferred channels.
  • A new investigation examines Apple’s contractual terms, including a “core technology fee” for third-party apps.
  • If found guilty, Apple could face fines up to 10% of its annual global revenue, potentially doubling for repeated offenses.

Bull Reaction

  • Market Leadership: Apple’s dominance in the app distribution market highlights its significant influence and innovative ecosystem.
  • Revenue Potential: The App Store continues to be a major revenue stream, supporting Apple’s overall financial health.
  • Adaptation and Compliance: Apple’s efforts to adjust App Store policies demonstrate a proactive approach to regulatory changes.

Bear Reaction

  • Regulatory Risks: Ongoing EU investigations and potential fines could impact Apple’s financial stability and market reputation.
  • Developer Relations: Strained relationships with app developers due to high fees and restrictive policies could harm Apple’s ecosystem.
  • Market Competition: Increased scrutiny and regulation may open doors for competitors to gain market share.
  • Operational Changes: Compliance with DMA requirements may necessitate significant changes in Apple’s business model, affecting operational efficiency.

Apple faces significant regulatory challenges in the EU as it navigates compliance with the Digital Markets Act. The outcome of these investigations could have far-reaching implications for the company’s operational and financial strategies in the European market.


Q: Why is Apple under investigation by the EU?
A: The European Commission has accused Apple of violating the Digital Markets Act by restricting app developers from directing users to alternative, cheaper services.

Q: What could be the financial impact on Apple if found guilty?
A: Apple could face fines of up to 10% of its annual global revenue, with the potential for these fines to double for repeated offenses.

Q: What is the new “core technology fee” under investigation?
A: The “core technology fee” is a charge of €0.50 ($0.54) per app installation imposed by Apple on third-party developers, which the EU is investigating for compliance with the DMA.

Q: How has Apple responded to these allegations?
A: Apple has made several changes to its App Store policies to comply with the DMA and continues to engage with the European Commission for further adjustments.

Q: What are the potential risks for Apple’s business model?
A: The risks include regulatory fines, strained developer relations, and the need for operational changes that may affect Apple’s efficiency and competitive position.


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