iRobot’s stock soared by approximately 39% following reports of the European Union’s imminent unconditional antitrust approval for Amazon’s $1.7 billion acquisition. With the European Commission set to make a final ruling by Feb. 14, this development adds momentum to the ongoing regulatory evaluations.

Bull Spotlight

  • Market Confidence: iRobot shares surged by 39%, indicating strong market confidence in the impending acquisition approval.
  • European Union’s Endorsement: Positive outlook as the EU is reported to provide unconditional antitrust approval, a significant step toward finalizing the deal.
  • Strategic Acquisition: Amazon’s move to acquire iRobot aligns with its growth strategy and diversifies its portfolio.

Bear Spotlight

  • Pending U.S. Review: The deal is still subject to review by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, introducing a potential hurdle.
  • Unconfirmed Comment: Lack of immediate response from the European Commission to CNBC’s request raises uncertainty regarding the accuracy of the report.
  • Market Response: Amazon’s shares remained flat amid the positive development for iRobot, suggesting a nuanced market sentiment.

iRobot’s substantial stock surge reflects investor optimism as the European Union is poised to greenlight Amazon’s significant acquisition. While awaiting U.S. regulatory scrutiny, this marks a pivotal moment in the $1.7 billion deal, contributing to iRobot’s market momentum.


Q: Why did iRobot shares experience a significant increase?
A: iRobot shares surged by 39% following reports of the European Union’s expected unconditional approval for Amazon’s acquisition.

Q: What challenges does the deal still face?
A: The deal is pending review by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, introducing a potential obstacle to its completion.

Q: Why did Amazon pursue the acquisition of iRobot?
A: Amazon’s acquisition aligns with its growth strategy, diversifying its portfolio and marking its fourth-largest deal.



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